Friday, October 14, 2016 Day 3


Friday, October 14,2016 Day 3

 PHONE CALLS – Please be advised that our phone system is currently not working properly.  All calls will be directed to the main office and we will work to ensure that any messages are directed to the proper person.


CAVENDISH FRY WAGON – Will be back, after popular request, today!  Fries $2.50 and pop $1.50.  Don’t miss out! All proceeds are for French Club.


PSB LOGO CONTEST – One of our East Wiltshire grade 7 students Julie Goodwin has been selected as a finalist for the PSB Logo Contest.  Everyone is encouraged to vote for Julie at the following link

 STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING – Monday, October 17th Day 4, Period 3 in Mr. Cusack’s Room 908.

 FOOD DRIVE – A huge congratulations to all who helped E.W.S. with the Food Drive.  We donated a record breaking 1216lbs of food! Prizes will be given out next Thursday. 1st overall school winner of pizza party Ms. Gallaway with 221 items collected.

Grade 7 – Ice cream party Ms. Deveau

Grade 8 – Ice Cream Party Ms. St.Coeur

Grade 9 – Ice Cream Party Ms. Termeer

BOYS SOCCER – No practice today. Practice on Monday.




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