Thursday, December 8, 2016 Day 6


Thursday, December 8th, Day 6


 WRESTLING – Next Monday 3:15 to 4:30!

 SCIENCE FAIR CLUB – There will be a Science Fair Club Meeting Monday after school from 3:15-4:15pm.  Please meet in the Library.

 GRADE NINE FRENCH CLUB – You can arrange pick up of the popcorn with Mme. Duffy.  Times are before school, after school or at the beginning of the 7/8 lunch. Each bag sells for 3$ and each box sold is a profit of $30, which will go towards the seller’s next payment.  Money must be returned to Mme. Duffy in order to be credited.  Each box opened is the responsibility of the seller and cannot be returned.  Deadline for sales is Monday, December 19.

 STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING –Today, Day 6 period 7 in Mr. Cusack’s Room 908.

 HOCKEY ACADEMY  Grade 7 members will go to Synergy on Thursday at 2:00pm.  Please complete all work from classes that will be missed.

 THE R2D2 CLUB is looking for an old Playstation 3 Move Navigation Controller.  This will be used to operate R2, drive him around, make him talk, move his head, etc….If you have one and do not use it anymore, come have a chat with Mr. Casey at the end of the Grade 7 Hallway.

STUDENT VS. STAFF HOCKEY GAME – Any students in Gr.7, 8, or 9 interested in playing in the student vs. staff hockey game before the Christmas break should sign up outside Mr. Cusack’s room before December 15th



4:00 – A Boys vs. Queen Charlotte

5:15 – 7:00 AA Boys

 BASKETBALL FEES ARE NOW DUE – Please get your fees in to Mr. MacAdam or make arrangements.

INTRAMURALS: Omnikin Volleyball – schedule is posted. A reminder that students must be changed to participate and substitute players are not allowed.

CAFETERIA ELF ON THE SHELF CONTEST – Your naughty cafeteria elf hides in a new spot daily! Be first to find the hiding spot and receive a FREE NEW Bakery item of your choice.  Post a picture and receive an entry for a FREE New Year combo for two! #Chartwells PEI

Fresh made burger with choice of toppings with baked potato wedges or side salad $5.25

Chicken Nuggets with baked potato wedges $5.00 includes box juice


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