Wednesday, December 21,2016


Wednesday,December 21st, 2016 Day 2

YULETIDE YIPPEE: This is a homeroom class holiday event organized by Leadership students. It will take place Thursday, December 22nd, 9:30-11:30 AM.

CAFETERIA – Chicken pizza with wedges or fries $5.25

Turkey dinner $5.00 includes white milk

A GIRL’S BASKETBALL – Had a very exciting, come from behind win vs Englewood last night.  Karly McKinnon had the winning basket.  Maddie Thompson had a great offensive game.  Lots of great defense effort.


A Boys – No practice today.


AA Girl’s practice at 3:15.  The girls will travel back from the hockey game, to the school on the bus # 73 or # 171 taking the walkers for their practice.

INTRAMURALS: Today will be free-play Cougar Dodgeball.

Intramural Dodgeball will begin in January. Teams of 12. If you are interested in playing but are not on a team, please see one of the Phys.Ed. teachers. Team shirts are not required.

YULETIDE YIPPEE: This is a homeroom  holiday event organized by Leadership students. It will take place tomorrow 9:30-11:30 AM.

Student Volunteers: Sarah LeClair, Clara Grant, Louisa McMurrer, Katie Timothy, Jenaya Ross, Jaidyn Gallant, Hope MacLean, Alexa MacKinley, Kayla MacLeod, Isaac Wolters, Liam Ellis, Emma Fleming, Cassie Lank, Joe MacEachern, Seth Gilroy, Mary Leah Toole, Emma Duffy, Maria McLane, Connor Hennessey  & Grace MacKinnon. You will be called down to the lobby tomorrow at 9:15 am to go over your responsibilities at your event. Thank you for volunteering!




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