Monday, January 16th, 2017 Day 5


Monday, January 16th, 2017 Day 4

 YEARBOOK COMMITTEE – Meeting in room 724 –  3rd period today with teachers permission.


STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING – Thursday, Day 2, period 3 in Mr. Cusack’s Room (908).

 WRESTLING – Tomorrow after school.

GRADE 9 MATH HELP – From Mr. Cusack will be Thursday instead of Monday this week.

YOGA – After school tomorrow.

 MRS. ETCHELL will be offering after school exam help/study sessions on Wednesdays and Thursday from 3:10-4pm.

 YOUNG FARMERS – Reminder to pass in money and permission slips for field trip on Wednesday.

 SKI CLUB – Meeting tomorrow time to be determined – check tomorrow’s announcements.

INTRAMURALS: Dodgeball – schedule is posted

FIELD HOCKEY: UPEI Field Hockey will be offering an Indoor Program beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17th (4:30-5:30 pm) and running every Tuesday until March 7th. This is open to females in Grades 6-10 interested in learning and developing field hockey skills. For more information, please see Ms. Sanderson or email Barb at

Basketball fees are overdue, please take care of this and arrangements as soon as possible.

Here is what we have going this week in the Athletics:

Monday – 3:15 AA and A Split Practice

4:45 AA Boys  (A practice is canceled as the coach is sick)

Tuesday –  3:15 A Girls

4:45 A Boys

4:00 AA Girls @ Stonepark

5:30 AA Boys @ Stonepark

Wednesday – 3:15 A Girls

4:45 A Boys

Thursday  – 3:15 AA Girls

4:45 AA Boys

4:00 A Girls @ Birchwood

5:30 A Boys @ Birchwood


INTRAMURALS: Dodgeball games are scheduled.

CAFETERIA –  Burger bar served with coleslaw $5.25

Gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with soup or baked potato wedges $5.00


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