East Wiltshire Intermediate School

Friday, May 12th, 2017 Day 3


FRIDAY, MAY 12TH, 2017  DAY 3

UPDATE: SEMI DANCE , Thursday, June 8th –  A reminder that this is the GRADE 9 SEMI. Grade 8’s are permitted to attend but are not allowed to bring anyone from outside the school or from grade 7; Grade 9 students are permitted to bring anyone from grade 7, 8 or 9 or from outside the school but grade 7 or outside students are asked to leave at 8:00 pm. JUST TO CLARIFY, GRADE 7’S CAN ONLY ATTEND THE SEMI WITH GRADE 9 STUDENTS and must leave by 8:00 p.m.  GRADE 9 STUDENTS CAN BRING SOMEONE FROM OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL – THESE STUDENTS MUST BE SIGNED IN ON THE LIST AT THE OFFICE AND APPROVED BY ADMINISTRATION PRIOR TO SEMI. These students must also leave by 8:00 p.m. Pictures begin at approximately 6:00 – 7:00 pm (pictures will be outside weather permitting).  The dance starts at 7:00 pm.

SPRING INTO SUMMER – Spend a minimum of $5.00 in the cafeteria, sign your receipt for a chance to win at $30.00 gift card from Freak Lunch Box.

 STUDENT COUNCILSummer, Floral, Tropical Theme Day – Friday, May 19th – $1.00 to participate.  All proceeds towards semi decorations.

ENCOUNTERS WITH Canada  – 1 week in Ottawa.  For more information visit the website at encounters-recontres.ca or call 1-800-361-0419.

 DENTAL CLINIC – The yellow forms can be returned either directly to the clinic in room 217(if locked slip under the door) or send to the main office.  Please be sure to return the form with a yes or no indicated.

SUMMER TUTOR FORMS – Anyone looking for summer tutor forms with The Council of People with Disabilities please contact Ms. Natalie MacKinnon @ nymackinnon@edu.pe.ca

EWS HOCKEY ACADEMY – Any student interested in applying for the EWS Hockey Academy for next year can get an application from the main office.  They should be returned to the office before May 12th.

BOY’S BASEBALL PRACTICE Today – Weather permitting3:15 – 4:30pm.

INTRAMURALS: Today will be outdoor equipment sign out.

A GIRLS FLAG FOOTBALL: Practice today 3:15-4:30 pm.

EWS TRACK & FIELD: Tryouts today at LUNCH for HIGH JUMP (in the gym) and SHOT PUT (by the teatherball).

Practice for the running events will take place Monday at Bluefield, 3:30-4:30 pm. Take Bus #153 at dismissal.

The Zone 3 Meet is scheduled for Thursday, May 18th at UPEI.

Games tonight:  (Sorry for the missed cancellation yesterday, we were not informed the games were canceled – They will be played tonight)

3:40 – AA Girls play Stonepark

4:30 – AA girls play Montague

Girls will leave class at 2:55 with teacher’s permission and take bus 171.

Badminton:  There are still badminton jerseys that need to be returned.  Please have them in this week.

Spring Sports (Football, Softball, Baseball, and Track and Field):  Athletic fees need to be paid by the end of next week (May 19).  Fees are $10.00 each for football, softball and baseball, $5.00 for track and field.  The track and field team has not been finalized yet, so we will be collecting that next Thursday (Meet day at UPEI).

CAFETERIA –  BBQ Pizza Slice with a side caesar salad and low fat cookie $5.25

Pacific Rim $6.00

Garlic Slice with caesar salad $5.00