February 2017 Newsletter





Windsor Wight


Troy MacCallum

Vice- Principal

 Telephone 902-368-4130

School Counsellors

Sheila Doyle-Hogan

Dave Mitchell

Frank Martin


Fax: 902-368-4139


2, 3             Graduation Pictures

6, 7, 8, 9    Grade 9 Exams

10                PEITF Professional Learning Day NO CLASSES

15                Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Late French Immersion Parent Info Meeting 7pm

16                School Dance – “Glow with the Flow”

20               Islander Day NO CLASSES

23               Graduation Picture Retakes


3                 Reporting Period Two Ends

8                 Report Cards

9                 Parent-Teacher Interviews (Evening)

10                Parent-Teacher Interviews (Daytime) NO CLASSES

20-24                    March Break   NO CLASSES

Exam Schedule for EWS

Monday, Feb. 6th – A.M. – French Immersion Language Arts

P.M. – Regular Classes

Tuesday, Feb. 7th – A.M. – Language Arts

P.M. – Study Time/Regular Classes

Wednesday, Feb. 8th – A.M. – Science

P.M. – Social Studies

Thursday, Feb. 9th – A.M. – Math

P.M. – Regular Classes

Time Schedule for Grade Nine Exams

9:05 – 10:45 – Morning

10:45 – 10:54 – Morning Break (Can be used to extend exam.)

10:55 – 11:42 – Regular Classes

11:45 – 12:32 – Lunch/Study (In regular fourth period class.)

12:35 – 1:22 – Lunch/Study (In regular fifth period class.)

1:23 – 3:03 – Afternoon Exam/Regular Classes

Students remain in their homerooms and begin the morning exam after O’Canada.

The afternoon exam will begin directly after the attendance period (Wednesday Exam Only).

In the case of a school closure (storm, etc.) the exams scheduled for that day will be written on the day following the closure. Students should bring home all study materials so they are prepared.

In the case of a one hour delay, the exam will begin as soon as students arrive. The schedule for Grade Nine Exams is also posted on our school web page.

Monday, February 6, is a regular day for all non immersion classes.

Late French Immersion Parent Information Meeting

If you are considering Late French Immersion in September 2017, you are invited to attend an information meeting to learn about the program. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th, 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at E.W.S.

EWS Athletics

EWS Basketball: All four teams are completing league games and preparing for playoffs beginning February 16th. Good luck!

EWS Wrestling: Training sessions have begun for our school wrestling team. Any student, male or female, is invited to attend. Please see Coach, Mr. Galaise for a permission form.

EWS Badminton: Tryouts will begin soon for our school badminton teams.  Sign ups have occurred. If you missed them, please see Mr. Mann or Mr. MacAdam.  For tryout times, please see the school daily announcements. Grade 7 & 8 students compete in the Bantam division and Grade 9 students compete in the Midget division.

Intramurals: We are currently playing Dodgeball.  Upcoming events include: Tug-O-War (Homeroom Challenge), Soccer Baseball, Ball Hockey, Badminton, & Tchouckball. Students are encouraged to get involved and if they have any questions, they can see any member of the Phys. Ed. staff.


  1. The Guardian publishes a monthly Home and School news column

Remember to say thank you: Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week will be celebrated Feb. 13-17

Written by Lisa MacDougall, President PEI Home and School Federation


  1. Annual Book of Reports

The Annual Book of Reports is being compiled for circulation at the Annual Meeting in April.  Presidents are asked to submit your Home and School Association’s Annual Report to the Federation by:  Friday,  February 17, 2017.  Contact the Federation office for assistance. You can find a report template online at:  http://peihsf.ca/content/template-presidents-annual-reports

  1. Home & School Volunteer Award / Life Membership Recognition

Each year at the Annual Meeting & Convention, a Home & School volunteer is recognized for their volunteer efforts in their association and at their local school.  Associations may nominate a Home and School member for the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award by compiling a nomination and sending to the Federation office by:  March 3, 2017.  You will find the criteria attached to this email and also online at:

  1. Learning Partners Advisory Council releases first report….
    The Learning Partners Advisory Council releases first report, a discussion paper entitled:

Ambition, Excellence and Prosperity: Priorities and Directions for Learning
In November 2015 the Government of Prince Edward Island announced the establishment of three new groups to advise it on matters of education and learning. One of these groups, the Learning Partners Advisory Council, is charged with taking a broad look at learning throughout the lifespan from birth to the senior years. Its 25 members have been asked to advise government on policies, programs and strategies needed to support Islanders’ learning throughout our lives.” You may review the report and provide feedback to the Council. Find the report  online at:  https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/publication/ambition-excellence-and-prosperity-priorities-and-directions-learning

****Save the AGM date:  PEI Home and School Federation’s 64th Annual Meeting & Convention Saturday, April 8, 2017

****Computing & Robotics Kits

The Robotics Kits (14) can be borrowed by your Home & School Association or school representative. For more information and to reserve the Computing and Robotics Kit to use at your school, phone 1-800-916-0664 / 902-620-3186 or email: peihsf@edu.pe.ca

Remember to say thank you: Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week will be celebrated Feb. 13-17

“In the new teacher she found another true and helpful friend. Miss Stacy was a bright, sympathetic young woman with the happy gift of winning and holding the affections of her pupils and bringing out the best that was in them mentally and morally. Anne expanded like a flower under this wholesome influence.”

Research has shown that students who feel liked and supported by their teachers do better in school. High quality student-teacher relationships have been shown to reduce disruptive behavior, improve the ability of students to respond to stress, and increase student engagement in the classroom. A strong student-teacher relationship is also correlated with higher achievement in math, improved problem solving speed and early language acquisition. The student’s perception of “connection” to their teacher has been shown to be the single most important school-based predictor of academic growth in mathematics.

In recognition of the important role they play, home and school associations are encouraged to find ways of saying thank you to administrators, teachers, and staff for the contributions they make to the lives of our children. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week will be celebrated February 13-17.

The schools review process is well under way and there have been many discussions over the past few months about the future of education in our province. The recipients of the Dr. Helen MacDonald Memorial Scholarship will have completed their Collaborative Leadership and Facilitation certificate shortly and will be available to assist local associations in their discussions over the next few months and into the future. If you wish to request the complimentary services of one of our newly trained meeting facilitators, please contact the Home and School Federation office.

Work on school food is progressing, and reviews of the semi-annual meeting were extremely positive. We have been participating in ongoing discussions with the Public Schools Branch, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, local home and school associations, the national Coalition for Healthy School Food and other stakeholders about the benefits and opportunities around a school lunch strategy for the province. It is our expectation that pilot projects will be running in several schools by September 2017. It is our hope that the Prince Edward Island provincial school lunch strategy will be a model for how all stakeholders in education can be brought together to promote their shared values for the benefit and wellbeing of all Island children. Let’s do the right thing.

The PEIHSF office staff are available to provide assistance to local associations in their deliberations about everything from public consultation meetings, to school food, to preparing for parent teacher interviews. Email peihsf@edu.pe.ca or phone 902-620-3186 or 1-800-916-0664.